Applications for the 2023-2024 grant cycle will be posted May 16

Once the application process for this year ends on June 30,  please use the Contact form on this site to share your name, full address, the best way to contact you, and any question you may have. 


ISFA currently partners with the Bloomington Solarize program, primarily to assist low- and moderate income (LMI) households install solar power for their homes.   As resources allow, ISFA will provide solar equipment free or at a reduced cost to qualified homeowners, train volunteers to install the panels, and assist (as needed) with additional solar system costs (permits, electrician fees, etc.)  ISFA will NOT provide roof repairs or replacements, wiring upgrades, or other improvements.  Participating homeowners will be required to provide  “sweat equity”  by volunteering for the program, and to pay any expenses they are able to cover.  Those who do not meet the income qualifications for panel subsidies may still participate, purchasing solar equipment from our supplier and installing them with volunteer labor, as long as all other requirements are met and capacity is available.

Basic Requirements:

To qualify for a solar installation with ISFA, homeowners must meet the following requirements, explained below:

  • Reside within the territory of a participating solarize initiative
  • Own a home suitable for solar
  • Demonstrate a commitment to energy conservation and efficiency
  • Meet income requirements for LMI households, as defined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)* OR purchase solar equipment from our supplier
  • Agree to provide  “sweat equity” by volunteering for ISFA for an agreed-upon number of hours
  • Pay expenses as able

*Income requirements only apply to those seeking subsidies for solar equipment.

Participating solarize initiatives:

Currently, ISFA is working with the Solarize Bloomington program, which serves Bloomington and surrounding counties (Monroe, Brown, Greene, Lawrence, Morgan, Orange, and Owen).  Additional initiatives may be developed in the future.

Solar-ready homes:

Solar panels last for 30 years and more, so it’s important to make sure your roof is going to hold up, too.  Roofs should be less than 10 years old and in good shape.  The pitch and other factors affecting accessibility will determine whether volunteers can safely install panels on your roof.  Shading and orientation also effect the suitability of your home for solar energy.

Energy Conservation & Efficiency:

To help ensure that electricity generated by solar arrays will not be wasted, priority will be given to households that have taken steps to improve energy conservation and efficiency.  This includes adding attic insulation, weatherizing windows and doors, updating furnace/AC units and large appliances like refrigerators, adjusting the thermostat (colder in winter, warmer in summer) to use less heat and air conditioning, and more.  Assistance with conservation and efficiency may be available through South Central Community Action Program, your utility company, and others.

Income Requirements:

ISFA subsidizes the cost of solar equipment for those grant recipients with 80% or less of the Area Median Income (AMI).  For Monroe County, that means 2022 income limits are as follows, depending upon the number of people in the household:

Number of People:      1                2              3              4                 5                6               7               8

80% AMI:                $47,800   $54,600  $61,450    $68,250    $73,750  $79,200   $84,550      $90,100


If you are applying from another county in the Solarize Bloomington territory,  use a link below to determine the applicable 80% AMI for GreeneLawrenceMorganOrange, or Owen County 

Sweat Equity:

All recipients will be required to provide volunteer hours to help further the mission of ISFA.  This includes helping to install panels on their own home and others’ (training will be provided).  Other tasks include helping with outreach and publicity, recruiting and managing volunteers, weatherizing homes, and performing site assessments.

Financial Contribution:

The goal of Solar for All is to help as many households as possible  “go solar.”  Therefore, we ask that participants contribute as much as they are able to their own solar installations.  Details will be determined on a case-by-case basis but typically involve compensating the solar consultant for the design fee and paying for any needed upgrade to your breaker box or meter.

Program Participation & Expectations

Participation in ISFA requires a significant commitment of time, energy, and skills.  This is because

  1. The addition of a solar array to your home is a significant benefit.  It adds value to your home, and saves you money on your electric bills.  Our expectations of  “sweat equity”  provide an opportunity for recipients to give back to the program in keeping with the benefits received.
  2. Our aim is to keep our program as self-sustaining as possible, so we ask all participants to contribute their skills and experience to help it continue.  Participants help sustain the organization by running it, through such roles as Volunteer Coordinator, Project Manager, Fundraising Lead, Media Coordinator, etc., and by recruiting others to join.  As the saying goes, many hands make light work.
  3. Our vision is to enable access to solar for ALL, so we rely on our participants to help grow our program through fundraising, volunteer recruitment, program development, and raising awareness.

For more information on the requirements and expectations of participants, please click here.

How to Apply

To be waitlisted for 2022, please use the Contact form on this site to share your name, full address, the best way to contact you, and any question you may have.  We will place you on a mailing list to be notified when the 2022 application process begins.  Applications received after the current deadline date  will be considered if spaces open up this year. Otherwise your application will be added to the list for next year.