ISFA depends upon the generosity of donors, solarize participants, and volunteers.  Whatever you give, whether it is money, time, or a deferral of part of your group-buy discount, will help more people realize the benefits of clean solar energy and is greatly appreciated.

Donations.  ISFA accepts tax-deductible donations of cash as well as solar equipment.  To make a monetary donation, please click on the Donate button in the right sidebar on this screen.  If you are a solar contractor who would like to donate solar equipment, please contact us to make arrangements. Indiana Solar for All operates under the umbrella of the Center for Sustainable Living, a 501(c)3 organization.

Volunteers.  ISFA is a volunteer organization and, as such, always welcomes help with everything from organization building to panel installation.  To sign up, please click here.

Professional Services.  If you are a licensed electrician, solar contractor, accountant, graphic designer, or attorney who would like to donate or discount your services, please contact us.

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