ISFA depends upon the generosity of donors, solarize participants, and volunteers.  Whatever you give, whether it is money, time, or a deferral of part of your group-buy discount, will help more people realize the benefits of clean solar energy and is greatly appreciated.

Donations.  ISFA accepts tax-deductible donations of cash as well as solar equipment.  To make a monetary donation, please click on the Donate button in the right sidebar on this screen.  If you are a solar contractor who would like to donate solar equipment, please contact us to make arrangements. Indiana Solar for All operates under the umbrella of the Center for Sustainable Living, a 501(c)3 organization.

Volunteers.  ISFA is a volunteer organization and, as such, always welcomes help with everything from organization building to panel installation.  To sign up, please click here.

Professional Services.  If you are a licensed electrician, solar contractor, accountant, graphic designer, or attorney who would like to donate or discount your services, please contact us.

Deferred discounts.  If you are participating in a Solarize event, you may have been invited to defer part of your group-purchase discount to benefit Solar for All.  Usually this entails specifying whether you would like to  “pass”  on 1%,2%, 3%, or more of the discount you would be entitled to if a target number of households (or kilowatts) has been reached.  Since your federal tax credit is calculated on your total bill, deferring part or all of your discount is better than simply donating to ISFA, in the sense that the amount received will be 30% greater than the amount by which your bill increases.  (Or, to state it another way, a donation of $500 will only  “cost” you $350.)  For questions specific to your contract, or to take part in this program, please contact your solar provider.

Everybody’s life is better when everybody’s life is better!