Solar for All

The price of solar installations has dropped dramatically in recent years, yet people with fixed or limited income still cannot afford to buy in, and typically do not qualify for the federal renewable energy tax credit. These people are also the most vulnerable to inevitable electric rate increases. Enabling installations of solar PV systems for people with fixed or limited incomes will allow them some energy independence and economic savings. This program will also offer opportunities for people to develop skills in home weatherization, solar installation, and roof repair, possibly leading to new employment opportunities.

Economies of scale can bring significant discounts to customers participating in bulk contract deals, and provide for the purchase of additional equipment to be installed by trained volunteers for limited-income residents.

The program emphasizes increasing energy efficiency, building community, and creating resilience.

Bloomington Solarize Initiative, Phase 2, is underway!

Who qualifies for assistance with Indiana Solar for All?

How does the program work?

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